Quality Water Plus Offers Healthy Drinking Water

We provide full service water filtration for your home or office. If you prefer to do it yourself, check out our filter product offering. We have something for all water types and needs.

Are you an adventurer? Our Lifesaver line of water bottles has you covered. You will have clean, fresh, drinking water no matter your location: camping, fishing, visiting an exotic destination, or if you're preparing for the unknown. We have a back up solution just for you!

You will be drinking the cleanest and safest water. Sit back and drink up!

Full Service Drinking Water

High Quality Pure Water For Your Home or Business Our full service program includes everything needed for clean healthy drinking water.  All filters are three stage and remove all nasty contaminants.  Simply pick the equipment and we will take care

“Eco3″ Water Filters and Filter Replacements

We offer a complete line of filters and systems that deliver a clean and reliable water. Our filters offer the most sustainable water solution. The only Hygienic, Recyclable Water Filter.

The LIFESAVER® Product Line

Here at Quality Water, we understand the importance of high preforming water filtration equipment for various applications. Whether your mission is aid, adventure, preparedness, hunting or outdoor recreation…we’ve got you hydrated.

Check Out Our LIFESAVER® Line

Used by military, expedition companies, adventurers and survivalists for producing clean water in the most unforgiving of environments - where clean water just can't be guaranteed



We are committed to providing premium clean drinking water to each and every customer


We provide the highest of quality filtration and equipment available and at the best price!


We honor our word and deliver as promised. If you're not happy, neither are we!

Our Mission

Quality drinking water is our first priority. We have taken much time and energy sourcing and testing high quality water filtration and equipment from around the world. All of our products offer the most environmentally friendly, sustainable, water purification systems and equipment. Our filters are sustainable and recyclable, AND our water coolers are energy star certified.

No matter where you are, the quality of water is essential to our overall well being. It is our most critical and primary necessity for human, animal, and plant life. The quality of drinking water makes an enormous difference to the health or your family and our community.
Our mission is to create easy access to clean healthy drinking anywhere at anytime.

We strive to use the least amount of energy and be the most cost efficient in our industry, helping people live healthier and sustainable lives. Our motto… hydration, health and happiness to all! Check out our equipment, filters, or on the go bottles. We have something for every situation and environment.

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